Professional Blog Write-Up


This week’s blog assignment is “Find another (professional) blog or twitter to follow. Discuss why you chose it and what you can learn.” It was a bit tough for me at first because most of the blogs I follow are for free crochet patterns. I also have a keen interest in photography, which I can attest to by pointing towards my incredibly large photo album section of Facebook! The blogger was brought to my attention some time last year, when she posted a particular article regarding those who bully others; in her case, high school students who created a Facebook page specifically to post cruel, hateful things about others:  by Jen McKen

As a high school student, I was bullied incessantly on the basis of my weight. It got to a point where I was missing more school than I was attending, and my parents and I finally got to a level where we decided that the
best thing to do was to quit school, and obtain my GED. In this time of my life, looking back and with a high school senior for a daughter, I realize that I missed out on a lot of wonderful things in school because of this. But, I also have a lot of experience, unfortunately, that I believe has helped me shape my daughter into a thoughtful, intelligent, caring person.

Jen McKen is an inspiration to me in that she doesn’t allow other people’s inner ugliness to go ignored. She even cancelled some of her photo shoots with these people who were posting vitriolic things about their classmates, and for that I cheered on the inside! Anyone willing to stand up to that kind of horrible attitude to a point where she loses money but keeps her respect, has certainly earned accolades from me.  On top of all of that, Jen is a PHENOMENAL photographer, as you can see by checking out her blog, which only endears me to her more.