Social Media Problems

My next assignment for Professional Writing is a short post regarding: “what you find most helpful, and problematic about social media (facebook, twitter, blogs etc)”. 

I really enjoy using Facebook, mostly because I have members of my family primarily on my friends list, who are scattered all over the country.  Without Facebook, I would have no easy way to communicate with these family members on a regular basis; with people’s varying work and personal schedules, this is a perfect way to converse without being tied down to a phone, or writing out a whole letter or email all at once.  It also helps us to advertise for things; for example, we’re running the Project Graduation for my daughter’s graduating class.  We have upcoming “events” that we circulate on Facebook, and I really think that that improves the turnout for these functions.

On the other hand, unfortunately there are WAY too many people who use Facebook as their own personal board for spouting vitriolic opinions of others without regard to anyone else’s feelings.  They also have a tendency to post the most ridiculously inane things that someone wouldn’t normally talk about to anyone, much less extended friends and family.  “Off to work, then coming home to watch an hour of TV and go to bed.”  Really, I can’t imagine WHY people would bother to post things like that.  It seems like a silly waste of time.

I have a tough time with blog sites myself; I am VERY grateful to others for their sites, though!  I find wonderful free crochet patterns, craft ideas, and recipes on several different blogs.  I, however, cannot seem to get a blog started and keep it going.  Not for lack of trying; I just have so much other stuff to do, that this falls to the end of the list, if not right OFF the list.

There are DEFINITELY good and bad things about all of the social media available.  It’s up to the people themselves to make them as good as they can possibly be.


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