Working in Difficult Situations

This week’s blog post was to be as follows:

The importance of working in difficult situations; how to make and maintain
contact with an online team.  If this were a job, what else would you have done
to ensure success?

I would have to say, to start with, that I saw little to none of the communication that was needed in order to have an effective, successful project completed.  I had made a couple of attempts to communicate regarding this project and how it was supposed to work, to the instructor, the group members, AND the class as a whole, and received a grand total of ONE response, and that was from a fellow student who is just as confused as I am.

To be fair, there were a couple of weeks there that I could be considered incommunicado for the most part, only coming on to do the bare minimum, due to a major surgery on my foot and a slow recovery.  Apparently my body has a major aversion to anesthesia!  I am not trying to use this as an excuse; more an explanation as to some of my lack of contact during a period of the semester.

Aside from being VERY frustrated, and extremely disappointed that this will most likely adversely affect my grade, I would have to say that this is a very poor way to create an effective group and continue to have that group be successful in their endeavors.

I suppose that all I can do at this point is hope that my other projects and assignments are graded well enough to keep my overall grade in this class from tanking.


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